More sugar for you

sigh, no matter how hard I try… I find it impossible to cut down on sugar. A few of the culprits are:

Cedele’s (Taka Branch) Carrot cake and Red Velvet

Decadent, hearty portions as usual (I like). Interestingly, both the cream cheese frostings tasted different. Of the two I still prefer the cream cheese for the carrot cake; what’s the secret ingredient I have no idea. Maple syrup??

Anyhow, I like that the cream cheese for the red velvet isn’t too sugary unlike the frosting on ET Artisan Sweets’ red velvet cupcake. The cake itself bears hints of beetroot since they used natural coloring. Mum liked it a lot, and even abandoned the cream cheese but finished the cake. What really appealed to her was that it wasn’t too sweet, and very moist too. For me my favourite part was the vanilla cream with chocolate shreds sandwiched in between the cake layers. It’s like a non-frozen form stracciatella ice cream. The mellow fragrance of vanilla complements the cake and the cream cheese so beautifully ❤

Coconut Cake (can’t remember the exact name) from NYDC 

Loved the paper-thin slices of fresh coconut in the bottom layer, and the coconut flavoured cream but other than that, the coconut flavours were kinda overpowered by the “eggy” taste in the sponge layers. Not really worth a second try :\

Scones + Queen’s Tea @ Tea Cosy in Plaza Sing

Scones were amazing, a must-try! I love the texture, it’s like a cross between a biscuit and a cake. The bottom half is more “crisp” (still softer than the shortbread type of “crisp”) as compared to the top half. The buttery fragrance was so intoxicating, and I must say they already taste really good on their own. But who can resist the blueberry jam or the creme fraiche? I couldn’t. The blueberry jam in particular.

Despite the grand name, there’s nothing really special about the Queen’s tea. For the menu, click here

Honeymoon Dessert

Note that the sweet balls in the almond tea ain’t the usual tang yuans. They contain some sort of orange sugar (looks like the one my grandma uses to make agar agar). The 糖水 here is not bad but I think those in Chinatown are much better.

Froyo @ Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Coffee Bean seems to have a lot on it’s plate now. All-day dining, the usual pastries and cakes, coffee and tea (which I am supposing should be what they specialise in for their name’s sake), and froyo.

Their froyo reminds me a lot of the froyo I had in New York. In short, the vanilla one tastes like mac’s vanilla cone… Not sure if that’s a good thing, but I do like mac’s vanilla cone, and I give them the benefit of the doubt whether their froyo has the health benefits of yogurt at all. That said, I won’t eat this again, or pay that sort of price for something that tastes like mac’s 50cents vanilla cone .

School’s starting. Time to cut down on blogging, and sugar 😉 Good luck everyone!