L’Espresso @ Goodwood Park: Durian Fiesta and more

To celebrate the best friends’ 21st, I decided to bring them for the much talked about Durian Fiesta at Goodwood Park. While the pastries were okay, none really stood out for me.

Waiting in anticipation.

Durian Mousse Cake

Would have appreciated if they separated the cakes into different plates. At $10.80 per slice I should be expecting nothing less 😛

Mousse was a little stiff, nowhere near the silky consistency of k ki. Not that I minded though. Flavour-wise I felt there was much to be desired. We could see the pulp but the flavour was not as strong as this suggested. 

Durian Cappuccino Cake

This combination only made sense after I tasted it. In fact I thought the coffee accentuated the durian flavour. Mousse was a little foamier in this case.

Durian puff (2 for $6) Durian macadamia nut crumble (2 for $10.80)

The durian puffs looked really promising but again the flavour disappointed. The choux really felt like an afterthought- limp pastry that’s all I can say. Macadamia nuts though lacking the satisfying crunch added a sweet-savoury dimension to the durian pulp within.

 We had other cakes too, which were surprisingly quite good. I bet they would have tasted much better at the start of the day.


Tart and refreshing flavours that really shone through. This was largely due to that thin layer of strawberry gelee.

Lemon Tart 

A little dry but filling was deliciously tart-livened up the palate.


Bottom chocolate cake layer was dry but other than that nothing to fault. Dark chocolate and mint is a classic pairing that can never go wrong!

Apple cheesecake

Didn’t eat much of that one.

I honestly don’t think I’ll come back for another round of durian fiesta. That said I’ve eaten Mao Shan Wang (and more recently Golden Phoenix) all my life so maybe that’s why I found the flavours of these D24 pastries to be a little lacking. Afterall, these two breeds have very distinctive bitter-sweet flavours of their own.  Or, it could have been due to all the freezing that wiped out any durian aroma thus numbing the characteristically strong durian flavours.

On a separate note, who pays $16 for a Mao Shan Wang Durian Puff??!! Buy the real thing please. $15 per kg!