Lim Seng Lee Duck Rice Eating House

It’s great to see like-minded folks (kudos to all those wearing long sleeved shirts) swarm down to such a far flung location just to share a plate of boneless duck. Not sure about the rest but the friends and I were here because of all the hype haha. The owner (his photo has been circulated all over fb) helmed the storefront, chopping away doing what he does best, and in front of him was a looong queue.

Note that this queue is only for takeaways. Enter the coffeeshop and watch the tables like a hawk. Only after you get a seat do you start hollering out your order.

Word of advice: the coffeeshop gets insanely crowded by 12.30pm. Due to the sheer number of orders there’ll be a bottleneck so the tables don’t turn over so quickly at this time. Don’t come if you are on a tight (i.e. 1 hr) schedule.

After the wait we finally got our duck. The braising liquid is awesome . Full of umami-goodness with just a tinge of sweetness. The mui (porridge) is thicker than the usual watery teochew porridge but it’s not flavoured with anything besides a dash of their delicious gravy. I was happy just sipping the porridge+ gravy to be honest haha. I love teo chew porridge. 

Special mention also goes to the kang kong. Hardly spicey thus letting the hae-bi (dried shrimp) stand out. Really well done.