Pollen- High Tea

I didn’t think the High Tea at Pollen was that spectacular. The savouries actually did better than the sweets. The chicken liver parfait might be a bit salty without the bread, but that savoury, rich, chicken-ey flavour was nicely accentuated by pops of vinegar. Can’t go very wrong with soft buffalo mozzarella or parma ham either. The sweets left much to be desired. The scones had good flavour but it was bordering on dry. Same for the macarons (but it was not the worst ever attempted).

What I can guarantee though, is fantastic weather, rain or shine! We were seated on the second floor inside the flower dome. Lots of natural light streaming in, and the air was cool and crisp. It was so comfortable that we lingered for a couple of hours all the way till dinner~

P.S. Free entry into the Flower Dome


6 thoughts on “Pollen- High Tea

  1. Seems like even the high tea is disappointing, and I haven’t heard any good things about their regular dishes. Guess it’s good I ahven’t been to Pollen yet, even though I’ve always been wanting to. Esquina will suffice.

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