Ciel Pâtisserie


Cafes are now being set up at the most unlikely of places. Ciel Pâtisserie has been around for awhile but I’ve only had a taste of their goodies recently. While I still pledge my allegiance to Carpenter & Cook’s passionfruit meringue tart, lemon tart, and salted caramel chocolate tart, Ciel’s lemon meringue was not too bad. The tart base is definitely not as short as C&C’s but it had good flavour. The meringue was a little lumpy to me- C&C still does the creamiest meringue in my memory. Lemon curd was not as aggressive as C&C’s which tends to make the majority pucker.

Fuji was excellent, and something different from the norm. My photo does this beautiful cake no justice at all. A cross-section (click here for a much better photo) would reveal the surprise lychee gelee core. The pairing of grassy, bitter green tea, and the sweet, fruitiness of lychees is quite an usual one, but I like it. The mousse was surprisingly gelatinous, not the silky, creamy version I’m used to from k ki. This was actually refreshing, but I do hope it’s not the case for all their mousses because I’m pretty sure mousses are not supposed to be like that.

Ciel’s cakes are priced very affordably considering that they involve multiple components. The lemon meringue tart was $4.20, and Fuji, $5.20. I’m already eyeing on their Ispahan, and Bombe for my next visit~


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