K ki is BACK!


K Ki is back and they are so much bigger now! I’m  glad that they managed to secure this space and make it their own. The owners spared no effort in the interior design.  I like the light touches of wood, the partitioned area where they display some wares (I read off fb that the plates were specially commissioned), and most of all, the sleek counter with all their cakes. The drom store is no longer the “little” drom store because it’s quite big now, and beautifully decorated too.


There were no new creations but I think k ki is one place where I don’t mind repeating my choices. I’ve eaten kinabaru at least 5 times?

Unfortunately this time around, I didn’t really enjoy any of the mousses. Antoinette and Kinabaru were not properly thawed (because of the incredible demand, cakes were flying off the shelf too quickly) so they tasted more like ice cream haha. It’s not a bad thing but ice cream  can’t quite compare to the ultra silky coconut mousse that kinabaru is known for. I have no doubt that if the cakes were properly thawed, the mousses would be perfect. However, I was quite disappointed by Nao because the strawberry mousse was way too airy.

The flavours of the cakes were expectedly, fabulous. Everything was how they were before. In fact, I thought fromage melon tasted so much better this time around because the cheese flavour was more distinct than before, and the texture of the cheesecake was very smooth and creamy.

The cafe was, understandably, extremely crowded during opening day. The amount of support k ki has is quite incredible and I’m happy for them! Can’t wait to return for a properly thawed kinabaru, and newer creations.