Maple & Market

The cakes at M&M are not bad. Not the most aesthetically pleasing- I suspect it really depends on who bakes- though they have the potential of being beautiful. Taste-wise the sponges were drying up at the corners where there was no buttercream but then again that’s quite inevitable if you go late in the day and the cakes have been sitting out there in the open for hours-I guess that’s why they usually give discounts at the end of the day (:

Other than that, the flavours were ambitious but well thought through. Different from the conventional red velvet, ___ meringue, tiramisu, chocolate cakes. Not that I dislike a well-made classic. It’s just fun to explore different flavour profiles once in awhile.

Pardon the terrible angles. I really need to put in more effort haha.

We always cave in when earl grey- anything is on the menu. This flavour is notoriously hard to capture and M&M did a decent job. However, the pound cake could have been more moist I guess.

Now I really liked this rose-pistachio-raspberry combination. I love the summery color palette and flavour-wise, the floral rose was very light and pleasant, the raspberry provided the acidic sweetness to cut through the rich buttercream and who doesn’t like the nuttiness of roasted pistachios? Definitely a combination I would try at home one of these days.