I’ve never had any inclination to “celebrate” my birthday. In fact I quite dislike the awkwardness of singing the birthday song- yes I am that weird child who squirms whenever she is at the centre of attention. I’m very fortunate though to have friends and family who never let me forget. Extremely thankful, and blessed that people actually remember! It’s a nice feeling 😉

Oh and I baked my own cake this year for the family’s get together. Everyone was super supportive as usual of whatever I made haha. Even at the beginning (5 years ago) when my cupcakes were dense and soggy (no thanks to canned lychees), they humoured me 😉

Basic Sponge sandwiching blueberry lemon preserves, lemon curd and a light lemon cream. A light cake with lots of bright flavours. Blueberries are in season!

I was really bored so I made a couple of stuff. Currently, I’m working on my piping skills, and building up a repertoire of classic recipes that I can rely on.

Chocolate Mint Cupcakes- made with Andes mints

Germany Cupcakes for the World Cup… and they won!

Very stoked by this banana bread recipe. Absolutely scrumptious.


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