Sushi Daiwa @ Tsukiji Market

We didn’t have an auspicious start that day. It was a rainy and cold morning, and we haven’t had our coffees so it took quite a lot of will to drag ourselves out of our comfortable hotel room. Tsukiji market does not welcome tourists, and sushi dai had a queue snaking round the block. We quickly jumped into the queue for sushi daiwa (which was also long but not as long as sushi dai) and by this time, none of us felt like talking.

But once we were seated, the energy in the small room was palpable. Our two sushi chefs greeted us and swiped our counters with their cloths. Hand towels were laid out, tea was poured, and a bowl of steaming miso soup quickly placed in front of us. The parents had given me carte blanche to order whatever I wanted so obviously I went for omakase sets for all of us. For one, I knew it wouldn’t break the bank. It cost about $50 each. Also, it was going to be our very first omakase meal- we couldn’t leave tokyo without experiencing omakase at least once!

ika and otoro

uni and tamago

miso soup ❤ So rich and flavourful

Ebi (with the head of course), and medium fatty toro. At the background, assorted sushi rolls.

I can’t take prawn so they gave me sea bream instead

Anago and hamachi


An extra order of otoro

I think all of us left with a newfound appreciation for sushi, and the whole idea of omakase. The speed of the chefs helped to pace us through the meal so much so every single piece was slowly enjoyed and savoured. For our plebeian standards, what stood out were the uni (sweet, creamy and not fishy at all), anago (for once the natural flavour was not drowned out by teriyaki marinade)and otoro (many describe it as “melt in the mouth” but I liked the fat distribution of the stuff we got. I didn’t feel like I was just eating fat. There was still lots of flavour going on). Sure, the sushi rice was a little too sticky and underseasoned IMO but the fresh produce, and the novelty of the whole experience made up for everything. The extra orders (all of the aforementioned) were obviously put together with more care. I think the chefs were amused and feeling rather chuffed after all the looks of wonderment we gave, and the fact that dad still wanted more though he was obviously full haha.

This place is definitely worth a visit for first timers. When I can afford it, I might splurge on a sushi meal (though everyone who knows me well will know where my $ will go to first haha). But for now, I’m happy enough living with the memory of our delicious meal at sushi daiwa.