Pre-flight jitters!

Tomorrow night I’ll be flying off to Seoul on a back-packing trip!

After back-packing during exchange, planning a budget trip was somewhat of a no-brainer to me. But it’s going to be the virgin experience for one of my friends and I’m very very nervous because this budget flight (Airasia) is going to be TEN hours (inclusive of a transit at KL). Since I did most of the planning, I’m also very nervous that things will go wrong/ expectations will not be met etc. I really shouldn’t be feeling this way since.. well… i shouldn’t be paying for stress!! Haha. Lots of exciting things lined up though. So far I’ve been to Korea twice, and both were during the winter with tour groups. I know there’s so much more to the place that I haven’t seen and experienced.

We’re doing Seoul-Jeju-Busan-Seoul. Highlights are going to be a hanok stay, visiting local saunas and spas, hiking, coastal biking, cafe-hopping, and shopping! If all goes well, I’ll share the details with you all 😉

Hopefully our 10 year friendship won’t fall apart during this trip!