Waffle Slayer

Waffle Slayer is, in sum, a little gimmicky.

The waffles are not bad don’t get me wrong. There’s just nothing special. I find it denser than the usual waffles from Strangers’ Reunion (which you can also order in Waffle Slayer, but you can’t order from the Waffle Slayer menu in SR) and the accompaniments are not that great. The ice cream took forever to melt (wait, did it even melt?)…. quite disturbing. For novelty’s sake, it was fun. But naaaah, not again. I’ll be showing up at SR just for coffee and waffles with greek yogurt if I’m really craving for it.

The squid ink waffles are really just… unsweetened waffles. But it’s fun eating black stuff!

The outsourced ingredients were not of good quality. It befuddles me why I finished my half of the waffle…. Must be the good conversation and the sugar rush.