Antoinette @ Palais Renaissance

With Kki still on a hiatus, my next to-go place for beautiful French entremets is Antoinette. I’m not a fan of their Mandarin Gallery outlet because of its ambience, but the Penhas and the Palais Renaissance outlets are both lovely places to have tea at.

Recently I bought a cake for dad’s birthday. A six inch is almost $50, and its more than enough for 6-7 people imo. The flavours are very rich so it doesn’t take much to be satiated.

I went during Easter and on display was a pina colada inspired “egg”. Believe it or not, this coconut is actually a chocolate shell. The colors and textures are so accurate!

Besides their gorgeous macarons, these beautiful chocolate squares also looked perfect. I like how everything was proudly, and neatly displayed. A perfect creation will still be ugly if it is manhandled by the service staff.

The jars of jams were really enticing but I couldn’t bear to part with my money. Especially since jam isn’t difficult to make. The combinations were really unique and this earl grey tea and orange combi is something I would try at home next time!

Hehe, a little enthusiastic about slicing the cake. But this gives you an idea of how much it takes to feed a person! Our first slice was a little thin. I think twice this amount was enough for one person. I got the signature cake, Antoinette. It was quite stunning to be honest! Everyone raved about how beautiful it was.

I don’t usually take milk chocolate but Antoinette did an amazing job with the earl grey milk chocolate mousse. Texture-wise, perhaps a touch less gelatine would leave the mousse silkier but the plus side is the mousse held up during the car ride home, and it stayed perfectly fine in the fridge for 4 days. The earl grey flavour was prominent, and the milky chocolate flavour accentuated the aroma of this black tea blend. The layer of hazelnut feuilletine provides some contrast in textures, the neatly placed balls of earl grey sables were crunchy and had good flavour, and the chocolate sponge was soft and moist. I know many don’t like french entremets because the cake: mousse/ganache ratio is very disproportionate, but I thought Antoinette was fine. In any case, a small slice is sufficient.

The little red dome is an edible half sphere (fine it’s not a sphere but for lack of a better word!) filled with a tangy raspberry coulis. I suggest breaking it only when you are tired of the earl grey flavour because it does overpower all the subtle bergamot-black tea- milky flavours going on in the cake. It’s a good contrast though to perk up the palate after the tastebuds find the flavours monotonous.





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