The things I learn about myself when I travel…

One thing I’ve learnt myself after planning for trips this coming month…


When i travel budget I like to plan for the cheapest fare possible. Mainly because I don’t want to feel cheated or anything. But I’m such a worrywart that I’m stressed even before the trip starts! Now why am I paying money for this stress? I have no idea haha.

Lesson learnt: when travelling with others, don’t cut corners. Buy enough luggage, make sure the flights don’t arrive/depart at ungodly timings, and don’t scrimp on accommodation! It’s not that the people travelling with me complain. Actually they don’t! I’m just so concerned about all the possible hiccups (which I’ve replayed a thousand times in my head) that might happen on the way haha.

Can’t wait to be back blogging again. The past two months have been a nightmare but everything is done and dusted- onward to a new phase in life!



4 thoughts on “The things I learn about myself when I travel…

  1. haha, you’re absolutely right. I’m like you too, I worry and plan WAY too much, but these days, I’ve learnt to “let it go.” I learn that as long as I have my passport, credit card, money, and handphone, I’m fine. Anything else can be bought, and friends can be made overseas, they can help. And you’re right about the accommodations. Don’t need a 6-star hotel since it’s a holiday and you are not intending to use the facilities. But a good quiet room, with comfortable beds, aircon, and a personal toilet, in the city area is a MUST for me. It can be a 2-star hotel or a hostel, I don’t care.

  2. Hahaha same for me too. I’m pretty obsessive and detailed about my travel planning, even down to my walking routes and transport timings! Can be quite stressful and tiring sometimes, like months of planning just for a week of vacation. But I guess the payoff is during the actual trip where everything is just smooth sailing 😀

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