Petite Menu

Photo credits: K & N

It’s a pity that Petite Menu will be changing (or has it already changed? I’m not sure) its concept and culinary team because I thought the food was pretty good and value-for-money.



I got the fish and it was pretty good. The tart tomato foam went well  with the fluffy quinoa (I’m starting to like quinoa for its ability to absorb flavour without losing its bite). Tasted everyone else’s dishes and there were very interesting flavours and fusion styles going on  (japanese-style mushroom risotto and chicken confit!). For dessert we had a 2 main courses for 1 dessert deal with the DBS credit card so we got two servings of their deconstructed blackforest. Fortunately we didn’t decide to go with variety (i.e. get 1 kaya toast and 1 blackforest) because it was so delicious! The rich milk chocolate mousse and the chocolate soil were definitely the stand-out components of this dessert.



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