Baker & Cook

The Greenwood outlet no longer has an outdoor seating so be prepared to share the communal table or not get seats at all.

The Gluten Free Almond Orange Cake was pretty good. Well soaked with syrup keeping it moist, fragrant due to the almond flour and dense in a good way (it’s gluten free so nothing surprising here).

One of their more popular items is the lemon tart. I can’t remember how many times I’ve eaten this but that day, the shortcrust tasted bland though the texture was okay. I’m just thankful that the lemon curd was still good! Loved the bright lemon flavour that didn’t cause me to pucker.

Their desserts are quite expensive because the portions are so tiny but then again, most other places are also capitalising on sugar and its addictive effects :\ Another reason why I should stop eating so much sugar!