Assembly Coffee @ Evans Lodge

Finally! A place near school that serves decent coffee.ย 

They use the Liberty Speakeasy blend here (the same one that C&C uses). They are pretty good at pulling shots here. Drinking their long black brings back memories of C&C! I haven’t tried their coffee+milk drinks but the gentle whirring sound whenever they steam their milk, and their defined latte art, are good indications of well steamed milk.

Food options are extremely limited given that they don’t even have a proper kitchen. The only thing that really attracted us was the salted caramel waffles. This was a good rendition. Fluffy, though slightly denser than stranger’s reunion but not in a bad way. It feels more ‘cake-like’ if you get what I mean. The salted caramel wasn’t too sweet or salty and we thought it went well with the waffle. In fact, next time I’ll skip the ice cream and just get more salted caramel.