Necessary Provisions @ Eng Kong

I’ve been dragging all my friends to Necessary Prov, and I even pop by sometimes on my own just because I love the dark, chic, yet homey vibe there. I won’t recommend the place for weekends though. On weekdays it is already usually running at a comfortable full capacity (i.e. all tables are occupied but there is no need to share and the buzz is not too noisy) but on weekends it’s mayhem, like most other places. I actually quite like the place on a weekday night. I know, it doesn’t make sense to drink caffeinated drinks at night but I don’t care. 

My first visit was the only time I ever got something to eat. Usually I go for drinks. The cakes are very home-made. Decent, but slightly overpriced for the standard.

I’m quite fond of the teas here- a selection curated by Pekoe and Imp. One of the ladies there is a co-owner of Smitten, which opened Necessary Prov so yep, the collaboration is not surprising. The Houjicha Karigane cold-brew was very fragrant and smooth but next time I will ask for a cup without ice. I’ll probably get very little tea as a result but the ice makes the drink diluted and I much rather have quality over quantity. The best cold-brew I’ve ever had is the refreshing glass I got during Pekoe & Imp’s Colors of Tea workshop (they are running this again btw, check out their fb page).