Wheeler’s Yard

Had a very productive Saturday morning a few weeks back when the foodies decided to cafe hop. Popped by Wheeler’s Yard just to check it out. The food didn’t sound that exciting and the selection of sweets (red velvet and brownies) didn’t even tempt us. Of course we didn’t try anything so I’m not writing them off  just yet! Their burgers did look pretty good from afar.

In any case, the atmosphere at Wheeler’s Yard is so chilled-out and spacious that I most definitely will return. It’s a giant warehouse hence the very high ceiling and spacious interior. Half of it is air-conditioned, and the other half is alfresco. Conducive for big groups (saw photos of a wedding held here. AH-mazing.)- no worries there won’t be a squeeze!

I can’t even cycle but the way they display their stuff makes me want to own a bike. They have bikes of every imaginable size, color, and they even sell watermelon helmets… 

When we went this BMW offer was on. They also had a spiffy BMW parked outside for everyone to take photos with (I told you there is more than enough space!).

I drink only long blacks nowadays, and I can’t tell the difference between over-extracted and well-extracted coffee… so any comment about their coffees would just be pretentious on my part.

This is one of those destination cafes that you might just want to drive/cycle down to. Having so much space to lounge around was quite lovely!

Just to put matters into perspective…