Artisan Boulangerie Co. @ Killiney

ABC can probably be grouped with other European-style bakeries like Tiong Bahru Bakery, PAUL, Maison Kayser and Baker & Cook. All have their own standouts but ABC is currently my favourite!ย TBB has an awesome rendition of Kouign-amann (I didn’t even like the mini kouign-amanns from Maison George Larnicol (Paris)), PAUL’s almond croissant is pretty scrumptious (and sinful. yes. I said it and I don’t even use this word often when it comes to sugar), the loaves from Maison Kayser are dependable, and Baker & Cook has a pucker-ish dainty lemon tart that I can’t get enough of. But everything I’ve tried from ABC during my first visit was great- there was nothing I didn’t like. Repeat visits will definitely happen in the new future especially since they have an outlet at buona vista which is pretty close to home.

That said, the killiney outlet was worth the trip down. It’s huge, spacious, brightly lit with a lot of natural light filtering through the full length windows, there’s ample seating, and in a nutshell, it’s a great place to chat, or do your work. Exactly what a cafe should be. Now if only there was cheaper parking (a smarter way would be to take the MRT to Somerset).

I’m not sure if this is the practice in all the other outlets but this one at Killiney had many things for us to sample. The Olive Bread was fresh, spongy, and generously speckled with chopped up black olives. It’s something healthy that one can eat on a more regular basis.

See that line of samples on top of the case? Enticing you with samples till you ย reach the cashier. I’m not complaining.ย 

The Sweet Ricotta Croissant is something that I would buy next round. The sweet but slightly savoury combi was light and very delicious. ABC does wonderful puff pastry by the way.

So glad the foodies decided to come here ๐Ÿ˜€ Because they take pretty photos and we order lots to share!ย 

I highly recommend their beef pie. It looked so promising with the beef-juice stains at the corners.

And it didn’t disappoint! Chock full of tender, tasty meat, and the crust was short and buttery. I can only imagine how amazing it must have been fresh out of the oven (ours got reheated in a microwave).

The almond cream in the almond croissant was lovely- fragrant, buttery and moist. But I preferred the plain one because it showcased all the flakey glory of ABC’s puff pastry.

I enjoyed their pear frangipane tart too. Their frangipane is pretty well done (it’s the same almond cream used in the almond croissant) and those pear slices were tender and sweet. Unfortunately C&C still ‘reigns supreme’ for me when it comes to tarts.

The pecan caramel tart would not be liked by some because their caramel is the bitter kind. Not a bad thing in my books but definitely not something I would actually crave for (thought of C&C’s chocolate seasalt caramel tart which I had just the day before as I ate this…).