I almost spat out my tea when I read a random blog post by a random author who callously gave a negative definition of what a “food blogger” meant. In brackets no less.

” … a food blogger (and by that i don’t mean any random person who writes about food)…”

OMG. Let’s not go into the innuendoes of this statement (We all have better things to do). You get it, I get it. 

Well since I’m obviously a random person who writes about food, I’ll just continue doing what I like. WRITING ABOUT FOOD.

P.S. I don’t call myself a food blogger. I’m a food wordpresser.

TuTu Kueh Uncle (this is the stall at Beo Crescent Market) told me he’s too popular. And that people should stop ordering 50 tutu kuehs because everyone else will be angry (he rejected the offer and counter-offered 20, which was accepted). I think there would be a riot if he made more than 20 for one person (judging by all the grumpy faces around me that day!!)

Sorry, I took a bite of my kueh kosui (from Maxwell!!) before I took a photo. “Food Blogger” faux pas. sorry. 

Ondeh Ondeh from Bengawan Solo. BS might be everywhere but I still like their kuehs. Some not as good as others but their ondeh ondeh is pretty alright. It’s the squirt-in-your-mouth kind (one missing here guess who couldn’t resist haha). 

By a stroke of luck, Merely was actually open on Sunday just for us (…nah they had some event going on)! Earl grey, rum raisin, red velvet. Some of the best flavours this parlour has to offer 😀 If I had to choose: earl grey or red velvet if you like things less sweet.