Media Invite: Restaurant Week 2014

Thanks Jasmin from 3PR for the invitation (:

Haven’t done media invites for the longest of time but since this event was near school and home, I decided to pop by.

This year RW covers TWO weekends but that said, please start making your reservations! They have also launched a short video with tips about dining etiquette. You can find it via this link:

We were served some fancy-schmancy canapés assembled by Christopher James Miller (Group Executive Chef of the 1-Rochester Group, Stellar at 1-Altitude), David Thein (Chef Patron of Shelter in the Woods), Anna Borassi (Group Executive Chef of Etna Italian Restaurant), and Jason Vito (Head Chef of Onaka Restaurant & Wine Bar).

My favourites were the sake iced hamachi with Carrot and ginger glace and textures of foie gras– both done by the team helmed by Christopher James Millar from the 1-Rochester Group. Both featured cold components- the carrot ginger sorbet, and foie gras mousse that was tossed and frozen in liquid nitrogen. Inventive and delicious!

Special mention goes to the mushroom éclair (?!) by Shelter in the woods. It was a bit big for a canapé and there was way too much cream in the middle. But I thought the truffled cream was pretty yummy and the presentation was genius.

Restaurant Week will run from  15-23 March. Make your bookings by clicking here