Imperial Treasure Noodle and Congee House @ 100AM

Sunday Dim sum lunch: always a feast!

This was perfect. The polo topping was crunchy and light, the charsiew filling was sticky sweet and lean. So good that I was tempted to buy it from their bakery downstairs.

And these lsbs were also well done. Soft buns, and molten centres that were not dripping with oil.

I’m quite fond of 100AM. For one, on weekends it is bustling but there are no maddening crowds that drive me nuts (orchard road). I don’t suffer from agoraphobia but one of my pet peeves is strangers coming within a metre radius around me. How do I survive in cities? I tolerate 😀

Oh and another reason is that there’s tsujiri for dessert. And red bean buns to buy home from the imperial treasure bakery next to tsujiri. How convenient is that?