75 Peanuts Soup @ Maxwell Road Hawker Centre

Today is one of those days where I wonder to myself why I even bother to acknowledge the presence of some people when they have nothing nice to say to me anyway.

And the best remedy for a damaged ego is writing about happy things, i.e. food for me. 75 Peanuts Soup (Stall 57) has been selling bowls of my favourite stuff for years ( ah bo ling swimming in peanut soup). The soup is sweet (not overly so) and rich in flavour. In a NUTshell, it’s delicious please try it(sorry but I just had to fit in the word somehow)!

The ah boling wasn’t that great because the skin was a little thick. Not undercooked though so it’s a good thing for all who like the chewy mochi-like skin. That said I recommend the ‘full works’ (i.e. peanut soup+ you tiao+ ah bo ling) because all the flavours and textures mesh together to create a balance. It isn’t the same if you only have peanut soup.