Common Man Coffee Roasters

Managed to squeeze in a quick meet-up with the friend before I left for Indo. Our schedules never match after school reopens so I’m glad we managed to meet!

The french toast looked fantastic and taste-wise it reminded me a lot of the one dad had at Lantana (London).

The milk looked like it was steamed properly. No comments from the friend but I assume it was good.

And I went for quinoa. Nah, not in some healthy phase of my life or whatever but… I really like the taste and texture of quinoa! This was pretty good, with a nice balance of citrus and sweetness.

Now I hardly ever drink milk-based coffee. Too used to the black coffee that our Nespresso Machine produces. Since specialty coffees were available, I went with my usual chemex. My cup was a little acidic but it wasn’t unbearable. The coffee was very clear tasting, and not bitter. Good stuff! But the one I had at Maison Ikkoku had a tea-like flavour which was quite special. Can’t remember what beans they used tho.