Blueberry Cheesecake

Finally found the perfect recipe (thank you Dorie Greenspan) for an american-style cheesecake with only a slight change (we reduced the sugar by almost 50%).

The result: a tangy cheesecake with a luxuriously smooth and silky mouthfeel. This base can take any sort of flavour and in this case we went with blueberry. Making the cheesecake was a whole day affair more because we wanted to be careful about the temperature that the cheesecake was exposed to. Didn’t want to agitate it and produce cracks on the surface.

Some precautions I took this round to minimize the possibility of cracks and sinking (we didn’t get any :D):

1. My recipe gave me a choice of sour cream or heavy cream or a mix of both but I went with sour cream for a tangier flavour. It worked out great!

2. Reminder to self: don’t agitate the cheesecake! It’s all about letting it cool gradually. I read that sudden drops in temperature causes the egg in the cheesecake to shrink and this produces cracks. We set our cheesecake in a waterbath, and after the baking time of 1.5 hours we switched off the oven and left the cheesecake to rest in there for another hour. Transferred it to the cooling rack for another half hour before sending it to the fridge where we left it for another 3 or 4 hours. Because we were in a rush I transferred it to the freezer after that for a half hour of chilling. The cake came out PERFECT!

3. Made sure the batter is silky smooth.

4. Not sure if this makes any difference, but I took some time to tap my cake tin and burst all the bubbles that rose up to the surface. This is done for macarons and roll cakes.

Merry Christmas everyone!