Pasarbella & Da Paolo Gastronomia

Flying in a few hours and I’m not done packing! It’s just a matter of pulling out the bags of travel essentials so no worries.

Caught up with cousin S yesterday for some Thai food (her favourite), and introduced her to one of my favourite places for now, Pasarbella. I think this place received some flak at the beginning for being pretentious? I don’t know. Didn’t read much into it. But ET Artisan Sweets is at the Grandstand plus parking is free and abundant so there are many reasons to go “out of town, in to life” (this slogan cracks us up all the time).

The best part of Pasarbella is….. the toilet. No, this is not an insult. The toilet is truly, very well done up! Remember to check it out. I haven’t been to Pasarbella on the weekend but on weekdays, the place is abuzz with working folk and mums picking their kids up from the childcare centres in the grandstand. Not too crowded but yet, there is still some life to the place. As such, the stores also open for the small lunch crowd.

There is a staircase next to Da Paolo Gastronomia that leads to a second floor facing the huge projector screen. It’s a nice place to chill and best of all, it empties at around 2-3pm (on a weekday). Lots of little tables and floor sofas. Perfect for a nice chat!

Da Paolo Gastronomia has loads of cakes sliced up and packed into plastic takeaway boxes for convenience. I’m quite fond of their tiramisu, and this passionfruit, mango, hazelnut, almond cake. The layers are incredibly thin- layers of cake, gelée, and cream. Some might find the cake layers too crumbly but that’s what I like about it. It’s all about nuts, and that ties in very well with the rich buttercream and the tangy, sweet gelée.

We also saw “crodos” or “cronuts”, whatever you want to call it. I thought the star shaped ones looked very festive and pretty. Will buy it the next time I decide to read at Pasarbella 😀