Island Creamery @ Serene Centre

There are so many artisan ice cream parlours all over our island now and Island Creamery is definitely not the best. But they are one of the stalwarts of the industry with 3 branches I think (Serene Centre being the flagship, King Albert Park and Holland V), and a spin-off (Burger Shack).

I was introduced to their mud-pie years ago when the friend and I met to discuss a project. Oreo cookie pie base, burnt caramel ice cream, cookies & cream, reverso, oreo cookie crumble and lashings of hot fudge sauce. The fudge sauce is something new, I didn’t get that the last I had it at their holland v branch. But everything else is still same old same old (not in a bad way). Hits the spot all the time!

Apple Pie, Black Forest, Pulot Hitam, and Chendol. My favourite flavours are still blackforest, mango sorbet and very berry. The cream used is not fantastic, the texture can be much smoother but they are priced very reasonably (sorry I can’t remember exactly how much). Usually I buy the takeaway tubs for potlucks.