Lei Garden @ Chijmes

Today was a really terrible day. I become extra sensitive, impatient, and annoyed when things don’t go my way during the week before my exams. Studying in the library had been part of the pre-exam routine this sem and it was quite effective till this morning. Some guy with a dry cough sat opposite me and he couldn’t stop coughing. Glad I reined in my temper because objectively, it would be unreasonable to expect the library to ban sick people (that would be quite funny), and technically I can just find another seat (but there are only particular seats that I like).

Suffice to say the rest of my day was woefully unproductive. Tomorrow will be a better day! To make up for all the unhappiness, here’s a recollection of one of those more satisfying meals for this year. We have been eating at more casual places these few months, and we like it that way. But it’s always a treat to dine at classier establishments like Lei Garden.

The decor is not elaborate but very tastefully done and most importantly, comfortable. We got seats by the huge windows overlooking the courtyard. Lots of natural light filtering in. Perfect.

Their XO sauce which is sold in bottles as well  

Double boiled chicken soup with wantons

Lei Garden has lots of specials for the day that might or might not be listed on their loose sheet menus. Our server recommended this soup and it was great. Flavourful, rich yet clean tasting.

Fluffy char siew baos. 

Sweet and sour pork. Not as sweet as the usual, and I liked the fresh orange bits.

For the hairy crab season, they are offering hairy crab xlbs served as individual portions in their own steam baskets. Basically it’s hairy crab roe with the usual pork mince inside. It’s good (albeit a little oily). But it’s probably not enough for hairy crab lovers haha. Just order the whole crab if you really like the roe.

Roast pork had great crunchy crackling but I would have liked the fat to be rendered down more.

Baked custard buns. The buns were soft, fluffy, and the thin crunchy polo layer was expertly done (recall the bad example by Mouth restaurant haha). Alas, the filling is a sweet custard. If only they made a flowing salted egg yolk custard for this one!

Fried durian. So heaty, but so yummy!

Prices are a little steeper than the usual but it’s worth it in my opinion if you are looking for good quality dim sum with an ambience to match. Give their specials a try because I think that’s one of those things that makes Lei Garden stand out amongst the many dim sum restaurants.