Tsujiri Again!

Update 19/11/2013!! Taking a break from my studies JUST to tell you this. 



Finally submitted two assignments, a total of 12k words, this week! Gosh. Towards the end of my 8k assignment I was so exhausted that my citations became really sloppy. And after I submitted I made the mistake of re-reading my paper only to find 1 sentence that made no sense at all haha. Goodness.

So today, the foodies and I headed out for ice cream! 10 more days till our first paper and we aren’t feeling good about it. Matcha ice cream is the best way to drown all those fears.

As expected, our parfaits were very yummy. More than 1 person has warned me about their dry chiffon but we struck gold! Our chiffon was heated up, soft, and moist. It went really well with the creamy, bitter soft serve, and the sweet red bean scoop. Loved it! Ate more than my fair share I think.

I was a little miffed by the amount of cornflakes I got. Towards the end we were left with a pool of dried cornflakes. Way too much in my opinion. Next time I’ll ask for no cornflakes. Maybe that will fool them into giving me more green tea soft serve 😉

P.S: they are opening at 313 Somerset on 18th Nov. No excuse not to get your matcha fix now.