Tom’s Palette and Merely

Moving on to the list of favourites for Ice Cream: Tom’s Palette and Merely!

Every time I think I’ve tried every flavour on the TP list, I’m happily proven WRONG.

October’s flavour was sweet potato layered with salted coconut. Sounds crazy? The combination worked, and rocked our socks off. The swirls of sweet potato set off the light saltiness of the coconut ice cream base. I would love to know where they got their inspiration from because this is something new that I haven’t heard of.

Just a few hours ago we went down to Merely for our ice cream fix. I’m all burnt-out after writing 6700 words (sigh still not done!) since Monday. This alone justifies any sort of break I decide to take in between gosh.

Merely has been tempting me with their daily list of flavours on their fb page. New on the menu is Pops n Chips- ice cream featuring both pop corn and chips. We think sour cream chips were used for the ice cream base. It felt weird because I tasted the flavour of the chips but there were hardly any crunchy bits inside. The textural contrast came from broken bits of caramel popcorn. And the sour cream flavour gives it an even more savoury note! But it’s different in a good way. Cool stuff!

Since we drove all the way from school to sunshine plaza we went with 6 scoops amongst the three of us haha. Pop n Chips, Banana and roasted walnuts, Rootbeer Float, Zesty Lemon, Milo Fudge, and Nutty Beer (alcoholic).

Nutty Beer was quite delicious. The beer was very strong, but sugar balanced the bitterness out and I liked the nut brittle scattered inside. Think of it as a clever take of the usual beer and nuts combo.

Milo Fudge was genius too. The “fudge” reminded me of the chunks of milo that don’t dissolve properly into my drink. Milo was the ultimate comfort drink for me during the cold winter in Dublin!

Banana and roasted walnuts was really good. This is a classic combi done well by the folks at Merely. I think all of us have been scarred by banana essence at some point in our lives but this is made with the real deal. The roasted walnuts offered a good crunch, and had a lovely caramelized flavour that went well with the banana.

Rootbeer float was less creamy but the flavour was spot on.

Zesty Lemon was very creamy and refreshing, nothing to fault but not the most exciting either.

Merely serves really good ice cream though I find that some flavours are less creamy then others. That might be done on purpose because the creaminess might overwhelm some flavours. Just to set your expectations, Merely is not exactly the most comfortable place since it has no air conditioning. But it was never really stuffy (though I can imagine it to be if the shop is full) or unbearable when we go.


5 thoughts on “Tom’s Palette and Merely

  1. what an unusual combination! i’ve been too busy to write food reviews but reading your blog makes me feel like blogging again 🙂

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