Windowsill Pies (Again!)

We went for a brief cafe-hop after our late afternoon lessons. We were supposed to be studying but honestly these little pockets of time (i.e. evenings) are usually unproductive anyway? Fine. I needed to justify myself.

The decor in windowsill is one of a kind. Lots of woods, greens and the atmosphere is very cheery largely due to the bubbly young girls manning the place. The owner was at the counter on the day we went and he introduced all the pies to us, including his favourites.

We went with ourย favourite camp symmetry pie once more- for the uninitiated, it’s a crazy mix of white truffle oil, candied thyme, white chocolate pudding as the filling and plump raisins . Those who tried it for the first time were intrigued as well by how well the flavours melded together. Campers would be happy to know that Windowsill is the official pie supplier for Camp Symmetry so please TRY IT. It’s the most indie pie you can think of.

Our other choices had more straightfoward, bang-on flavours. Stuff most would like or love. Smores- toasted marshmallow, smooth chocolate ganache and homemade graham cookies. The Pumpkin pie is a special for halloween (though some of u might remember it from the past before it was retired) and I liked that I could taste the natural sweetness of the pumpkins.

The Grasshopper Pie was a little underwhelming. In short it’s Andes chocolate made into a pie. Weak mint flavour + chocolate. Not too bad (and I can imagine the best friend loving this since she is addicted to Andes chocolate), but compared to the rest this fell short for me.

Also packed home a slice of apple pie which had a delicious moist and buttery frangipane.

Windowsill is definitely one of my fav cafes! I think I should start a list soon just for memory’s sake ๐Ÿ˜‰