Pekoe & Imp

Finally made it for a tea workshop with Pekoe & Imp (you can find them on fb) last week. Many deadlines in the horizon but the friends and I decided to put down our books anyway and sign up for it.

The workshop was really well curated, from the set up, location, to the selection of teas for our ‘Colors of Tea’ workshop. Lots of thought put into every detail.

We marvelled not only the teas that were brewed for us (no astringency at all gosh!) but also the very adorable tea-ware. The class size is small, and intimate (10 of us that including the 2 instructors) allowing for conversations to flow easily. Definitely recommended if you want to understand more about tea and have the opportunity to appreciate some really well-brewed tea.

When I first read that Cafe Pal served thai food, I didn’t think that we’ll actually find desserts that we would enjoy. Happily we got to try their kaya and orange chiffon which were both delicious. The homemade kaya spread was coconutty and eggy just how I like it, and the orange chocolate sauce was brilliant with the orange chiffon. These are perfect for all those who complain that desserts are “too sweet” or “too creamy” but still want to have their cake and eat it (I get this all the time at the workplace!! goodness. Desserts are supposed to be sweet, creamy, and an embodiment of everything you should not but want to eat.)

Have a great weekend folks!