Merely @ Sunshine Plaza

Merely is one of those hidden finds that I would never know about if not for the foodies. It’s an unpretentious ice cream parlor in Sunshine plaza facing the road. Very close to other cheap foodie hotspots like Victor’s Kitchen.

What you can expect from Merely (I can’t phrase it better than them so I’m just going to lift from their website here).

“We are literally the hottest ice cream parlour in Singapore. Our air con system breaks down more often than Lindsay Lohan gets busted. While it won’t make you go all wet in the underarms, don’t expect an arctic breeze either.”

That’s true. 

“Besides the ice cream, we make mean cones and waffles too. Do yourself a favour and order one to go with your ice cream.”

“Despite the above, awesome ice cream, good service and a laid-back vibe make it a good place to sit back and chill. Lastly, don’t come looking for healthy food. We serve happy food that will put a smile on your face.”

All true (:

photo by K

Waffle bowl with red velvet, Gula Melaka pandan chiffon, and earl grey ice cream.

The red velvet was surprisingly good. Gritty bits of cake folded into cream cheese ice cream that had a pleasant sourness that cut through the sweetness. The ice cream was dense (in a good way) probably due to the ice cream.

Gula Melaka had a very refreshing taste to it and the soft chunks of pandan chiffon were a good touch!

Last but not least, Earl grey was awesome. The foodies couldn’t stop raving about it (okay they raved about everything hahhaa). They insist that this is a better version of Creamier’s (which is sweeter. Also Creamier’s version is Lavender Earl Grey but this is plain Earl Grey). The smell and taste of earl grey were very evident in this one. Extremely good. A Must-try!

The crunchy waffle bowl was pretty good too.

N thinks we got judged when we trotted back from dim sum at Victor’s kitchen LOL. But whatever. We needed more ice cream!!

ugh sorry about the ugly photo. Totally not representative of the delicious ice cream at Merely. 

This time, we got milk tea, coconut, and salted butter scotch.

Milk tea received lots of raves. The texture of the milk tea was the best imo. Some flavours like the earl grey, and coconut were a little icier, probably due to their constituents, but the texture didn’t affect the taste one bit!

When I say icier I don’t mean you’ll taste ice crystals in your ice cream.  Imagine a sliding scale with sorbet, and creamy ice cream at the extremes. I think earl grey and coconut lie closer to the sorbet category though they are still creamier than sorbets.

Coconut had little chunks of fresh coconut inside. Overall a very refreshing combination.

Salted Butter Scotch tasted a little odd to me because it was saltier than the rest. I guess the saltiness becomes more pronounced when you eat it alongside the rest! It’s a very popular flavour though, so give it a try and you might like it.

Overall, we like Merely! The air-con sucks, the shop interior is a little bit run down but gosh, the quality of ice cream here is top notch. Flavours take centre-stage not sugary sweetness and best of all, everything is priced very reasonably. A cup of Gryphon tea (Gryphon tea satchet not loose leaves) costs 2 bucks with unlimited refills, a waffle bowl add on is 50 cents, a triple scoop is $7.90.

Can’t wait for our next visit 😀