Les Marquis de Ladurée


That was the first thought that crossed my mind when dad passed me this:

For a moment I thought Ladurée underwent some dramatic face lift, or it released a new line of seasonal goodies. But no! The chairman of Ladurée wanted to create a new brand which focused on chocolate so voilà, Les Marquis de Ladurée was born.

I thought the flavours and textures in their chocolate macarons were good but… I couldn’t get over the fact that the macaron shell inside was dry and crumbly. Totally understandable since the shell never got aged with a layer of ganache which would have kept it moist. Unlike Sadaharu Aoki’s chocoron, the ganache is separated from the macaron shell in Ladurée’s chocolate macaron. The packaging though really takes the cake for being the most opulent and beautiful box in my collection of boxes.

I’m surprised that they decided to enter the saturated chocolate bonbon market in Paris (Alain Ducasse just ventured into the chocolate market too!) but I guess they are banking on the Ladurée brand name, and those lovely boxes 😉


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