Maison Ikkoku @ Kandahar Street

We like Maison Ikkoku!

Heard from the baristas at work that they serve good coffee so the friends and I decided to check it out. Those of us working at cafes are starting to learn how to make coffee yay! I just started proper last weekend and gosh, there are 1001 details to remember. The girls at work are extremely technical and no worries, my lattes still can’t be sold yet so no customer will ever have to drink my lousy coffee heh.

Weekday Lunch sets at Maison Ikkoku are pretty affordable (under $15 can’t remember exactly)  because they come with a free drink (worth $5 or less).

Friends were happy with their flat whites

I opted for the chemax (top up $2 if you are getting the lunch set cuz specialty coffees are at $7). Good stuff! It didn’t come across as bitter or acidic to me. Mild, musky flavours that were very easy on the palate.

They brew coffee using other methods like the french press or the V60 pour over.

Bread was probably outsourced but they didn’t hold themselves out as a bakery or a cafe that makes things from scratch anyway. Soft wholemeal buns that were toasted well sandwiching a ratatouille filling. simple, wholesome food.

And to end it all, a very delicious slice of carrot cake. Generously portioned given that the three of us had difficulties finishing it haha. The layers were moist and the cream cheese wasn’t too sweet. Seems like they source their cakes from a friend. Will be back for the other towering bakes on display, and of course, for more coffee!