Sushi Bar @ Far East Plaza

Being back in Far East Plaza brought back fond memories of sec school days (: And now I have more incentive to return with the discovery of the Sushi bar.

Photos by the foodies, N & K!

Things I would recommend: their Chirashi (there’s an option of bara (i.e. diced)/ basic/normal/ premium (for the rest the sashimi comes in thick slices)), aburi salmon roll, chawanmushi (complimentary with the bara chirashi for that day, thanks chef!), and scallop carpaccio (did I just mention everything we had?? haha). Everything was fresh and they were generous with the cuts for that price! Sashimi craving satisfied.

Saw other tables having their grilled items. Definitely ordering some to try next time.

And what did we have for dessert?


5 thoughts on “Sushi Bar @ Far East Plaza

  1. Haha yeah I also experienced the lackadaisical service here. It’s not a huge turn-off but doesn’t make me dying to return anytime soon. Someday I’ll get my review on them out…

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