La Cantina in Venezia @ Changi Village

La Cantina is a pretty old establishment but the decor in this restaurant is still tasteful nonetheless. The (fake) fresco on the ceiling is a nice touch 😉

The sauce of my pasta dish,  Pescatora, was excellent. A light but flavourful spicy tomato broth packed with lots of crustacean flavour. Besides the prawns (which I was told, were good) there was also an abundance of squid and a scallops. Would have preferred handmade pasta as well but on the whole, this was good!

The friend’s Gnocchi Al Formaggi was no joke. Something I would never order on my own haha. Extremely rich, creamy, and cheesy. But don’t get me wrong, I liked the spoonful I had. Gnocchi was soft, and sauce was flavourful.

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