Classic Cakes @ Sunset Way

Classic cakes was featured the Straits Times Top 50 Yummiest Cakes list almost 5 years ago for their Mille Crêpes. I have a pretty low opinion of the stuff published in the Sunday Life! Section but I admit lists are helpful to a certain extent.

With the exorbitant prices of cake/coffee/eggs these days it’s no wonder why so many bakeries cum cafes are sprouting all over the island. Classic cakes stays true to its name by offering neatly sliced cakes done in the late 1980s- 1990s kind of style (back in the days when humongous towering cakes, or mousse domes weren’t in vogue). I can see the appeal of these cakes to the ‘older’ generation. Minimal cream, less sweet, and priced reasonably. The Chocolate Chip Mille Crêpes was the most expensive of the lot ($6.50). Justifiably so given the amount of effort put into each layer and the horrors of stacking the paper thin crêpes and sandwiching them with pastry cream. Gosh!

The blowtorching of sugar à la minute added a delightful crunchy layer on top . The flavours and texture of the cake itself didn’t really wow me but as a mille crepes cake I can imagine why it must be one of the best around.

Lemon caramel and the blackforest were okay but again, nothing was really memorable. Didn’t taste kirsch in the latter either. Plus points though for not going overboard with the cream!

Our favourite cake was undisputably the marbled cheesecake. I remember it was really cheap, $3.50 or was it $4? More importantly, the baked cheesecake had a good balance of sweet and savoury. Flavours weren’t heavy on the palate and technically it was perfectly done too- No sinking in whatsoever. Their cheesecake had a sponge base so it wasn’t crunchy but surprisingly I didn’t miss a digestive base (usually my fav part of any cheesecake) because the filling was good!

It’s always inspiring to see and eat in small, independent businesses like Classic Cakes . Nothing is outsourced, and the owner is right in front of you selling his stuff (:

Oh yes, note that this place is a bakery so don’t come assuming there will be seats available. We occupied the two small tables in the shop and utilised every chair (including the owner’s chair behind the counter lol).