Mooncakes #3: Raffles Hotel

Raffles Hotel opted for a different design this year though it’s still the good ol’ tin box that they’re using. I prefer the older design with the pretty shanghai lady but ah well, the packaging counts only for a few seconds anyway haha.

I find it rather amusing that peony jade gave us a very elaborate box but since we have to freeze our mao shan wang mooncakes we never used the box….

Dad ordered 4 flavours this year. Champagne Truffle, Rum Raisin, Cognac and Valrhona Chocolate pearls.

Champagne Truffle is a hot favourite but I found the flavour a little lacking this year. It wasn’t as strong as I remembered. Rum Raisin was anti-climatic because it is basically a white chocolate truffle with some rum soaked raisins inside. Nothing too exciting. Cognac was slightly better, with a stronger alcoholic flavour in the dark chocolate truffle. My favourite was the valrhona crunchy pearl. They are generous with it and the light saltiness of the crunchy pearls and the thin dark chocolate coating help to balance out the sweetness of the lotus paste.

That said though I’ll always stick to Raffles Hotel every year. The snowskin is reliably soft and delicious, just the way I like it (: