Windowsill Pies @ Horne Road

Photos taken by K! 

Popped by Windowsill for some pies with the foodies. We’ve seen Windowsill Pies at Creamier and Dutch Colony Coffee but it was my first time at the main outlet.

The decor inside is quite adorable. The tagline is “Windowsill in the woods” so you can imagine that everything inside matches this theme.

As usual we asked for recommendations and the bubbly girl behind the counter started to explain what pies were available. When we reached the “camp symmetry” pie I think we collectively paused to look at it. I mean this is something we can’t really make at home. White Truffle? Candied Thyme??

The crumble had the lovely woody scent of white truffle, probably due to white truffle oil (Sidenote: Okay. I know that the white truffle oil used is probably synthetic. And I don’t use it myself when I cook/bake but lets just roll with it. Haters of all things synthetic please ignore this pie.) and that thin brown layer of gelee tasted so mushroomy! The white chocolate pudding was a good choice as base. Creamy, with a velvety mouthfeel that contrasted with the crunchy streusal. Another thing worth raving about: the candied thyme. Now this is a new flavour. Tasting a little bit is enough to release the aromatics of this lovely herb. White truffle brought back happy memories of Pierre Herme’s white Truffle hazelnut macaron but the candied thyme was certainly something new.

Their Vodka Lime is a bit of a killer for the tastebuds haha. Unless you like Vodka, you might not want to try this. It purportedly has one shot of Vodka in every slice! I personally found it okay- the bitter aftertaste a bit off-putting but I don’t hate it and well… I did ask for a Vodka lime pie.

With a gazillion components in each pie, I think paying $8 for each pie was worth it.