Dutch Colony Coffee & Windowsill Pies

I wasn’t too fond of Windowsill’s Strawberry Lemon Pie which tasted, for lack of a better word, artificial to me. Maybe it’s just me and my tastebuds because I can’t doubt that they use fresh ingredients and make things from scratch. Or maybe I’m just spoilt by C&C’s awesome passonfruit/ lemon curd 😦

Their Banana Almond Brittle on the other hand was pretty special and delicious too. It’s probably because there’s almond brittle in it- I have a soft spot for almonds. The salty caramel was okay… but it’s hard to trump C&C’s salty caramel (I should stop making comparisons sorry.). The banana flavour incorporated in the mousse was light and fragrant and it went well with everything else. That said I’m still not a fan of their price, or the tiny portions. Ah well, most places charge a premium anyway for handmade perfection.

Everyone has been praising Dutch Colony Coffee to no end so we had to try it. My plebeian tastebuds can’t differentiate the coffee from different cafes (at least I can differentiate between a kopi kosong from school and a long black in a cafe right?) but my long black was very thick and strong- this is a good thing of course.

For once I’m not going to whine about how cafes outsource their food and overcharge because DCC does not charge an extra premium for their Windowsill Pies. Kudos to them!

4 thoughts on “Dutch Colony Coffee & Windowsill Pies

    • Hmmm. I’m not so sure cuz some of their flavours are quite acceptable/ mild/ common. There’s something for everyone so long as people know what they want. I really didn’t like that strawberry lemon pie though haha. That said I went to their main outlet @ Horne Road and I loved their new Camp Symmetry Pie!

      • Oh my yes, lime vodka is strong!

        I haven’t tried the smores or the pecan but I would think both would have quite a normal, and easily accepted flavours. Your friends didn’t like the combinations? They were too sweet hence strong?

        Camp symmetry is a white truffle-white chocolate pudding pie. We loved it but the flavours are adventurous! I can imagine people hating the woody flavour that rounds off the chocolate heh.

        IMO the banana almond brittle was pretty mild. You can try it next time and let me know!

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