Patisserie G

This visit to Pat G was unfortunately less stellar than the first. What saved it was probably the company, and their lavender lemon macaron.

For one thing, the macarons on display were quite ugly- uneven shape, ugly feet, shells were mismatched. I hate ugly macarons. If we are going to pay so much for such a tiny thing it better be perfect and those macarons were most definitely not to the naked eye. After inspecting and discussing, we reluctantly settled on the lavendar lemon which looked the most decent in terms of size and feet. Fortunately the taste was great- i’ll recommend this macaron for its flavour alone. The bright acidic flavour worked incredibly well with the lavender scent.

Went for the G-Spot which was good but not… great. Technically sound – I love a good mirror glaze and they did it well- but taste-wise it’s the usual dark chocolate – crunchy hazelnut combination that was in vogue for a period of time in the past. That said, I liked the dark chocolate used and it was very easy to finish.

While the chocolate mousse of the g-spot was beautifully done (silky, smooth etc), the salted caramel mousse of the Triomphe left much to be desired. It was still a little jelly-like though not over-whipped- too much gelatin! What a pity because I thought the caramel was done well. Not tooth-achingly sweet like most salted caramels where the pastry chefs overcompensate the salt with sugar .

While Pat G’s creations are overall pretty neat, the shapes are all pretty uniform -either cylindrical or half-spheres. Also a bit concerned about their mousses. I’m not a huge fan to start with and just thinking about having to eat another cake with lousy mousse scares me aha.

Side note: all who are interested to partake in the calorific cronut craze they do have G-nuts for sale.