Switzerland, Zurich: Confiserie Sprüngli

One of the higher-end patisseries in Switzerland is Sprüngli, which is not part of the Lindt & Sprüngli ( or more commonly known as Lindt) brand we see in supermarkets.

We visited their branch at Bahnhofstrasse for lunch.

Frothy, thick hot chocolate with some orange to brighten up the flavours.

I remember that their sandwiches were pricey but as I soon learnt, in Switzerland everything is expensive so just roll with it haha. We felt that the price was justified though because these were really good sandwiches. Chock-full of ingredients neatly stacked between evenly toasted white bread slices. Wiped the plates clean literally.

Of course I wouldn’t leave without ordering one of their beautiful sundaes. All the scoops were delicious especially their Grand Cru Maracaibo Sorbet.

I tasted their tiny macarons (or luxemburgerlis) before and they didn’t leave an impression.

Their truffles are actually pretty good. I was pretty impressed by their Tahiti-vanilla truffle- a white chocolate truffle coated with a layer of vanilla beans. A little excessive with the vanilla beans (since honestly we don’t need that much to capture the vanilla flavour) but heck, I really liked the contrast of textures between the chocolate shell and the smooth white chocolate ganache within. The shell isn’t the thinnest but not super thick either (unlike Lindt’s machine-made ones they call Lindor. Eww.)

Confiserie Sprüngli can be found in a number of places but I highly recommend visiting their main outlet at bahnhofstrasse. A great place to chill and chit-chat before doing some window shopping!


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