Antoinette @ Penhas Road

I was a little doubtful about what Antoinette had to offer since some of their stuff are recycled ideas from the old Canelé. Hence the very belated visit to their outlet at Penhas Road. This wasn’t even our first choice- Windowsill Pies was closed and so was CSHH.

But we left belly happy.

Antoinette, obviously their signature cake, did not disappoint one bit. I’ll leave out the lengthy, complicated description given at the shop and just state what was memorable. That earl grey mousse. Velvety smooth mouth-feel with the intense, roasted flavour of earl grey rounded off by milk chocolate notes. The half-globe of raspberry coulis was also fantastic. Loved the strong, fresh, fruity flavour. Presentation-wise we all thought that the molecular gastronomy bit was very cool- though it did look like a deflated sun-dried tomato in the end lol- and that mirror glaze was just perfect.

Tropique is a National Day Special. There are 8 components in this tiny thing?? They all work though (with the exception of the Malibu Syrup which I could not taste at all). But beware to all who are adverse to coconut. This cake screams coconut, no holds barred. What stood out for me was the coconut mousse. Silky smooth, creamy with a strong coconut flavour. If memory serves me right the coconut flavour is stronger than k ki’s kinabaru. It went beautifully with the poached pineapple pieces. The cashew feuilletine was also very yummy (essentially cashew + hazelnut feuilletine) and provided a delightful crunchy texture to the cake. This combination is a refreshing change to all the overused combinations (chocolate + hazelnut, strawberry shortcake *yawn*)- definitely worth a try while it’s still on display!