Truffs @ Telok Ayer Street

Been on a chocolate binge recently thanks to my recent haul from Switzerland. Most of my current collection feature single origins though I realise time and time again, I don’t quite like single origins. But there are occasional exceptions- like Valrhona 64% Alpaco, and my new current favourite, ÅKESSON´S Brazil which I will write about some day. I guess this is the beauty about single origin chocolate. Each has their own unique bouquet of flavours so sometimes you might like it… or not.

Well enough about that. Truffs @ Telok Ayer Street is a great cafe to head to if you want some quality chocolate.

Their iced chocolate was one of the better ones I’ve tried. The complexity of flavor made it a little more than just chocolate milk haha.

We also shared the earl grey chocolate cake which is a luxurious spin on the classic chocolate cake featuring five components- chocolate piece, mousse, ganache, sponge and a biscuit base. While the chocolate used was definitely of good quality, some components could have been done better. The mousse wasn’t silky, and the ganache was way too hard (perhaps the cake needed to be thawed a little more before serving). The earl grey does come through in the mousse but it’s not as fantastic as Antoinette‘s earl grey milk chocolate mousse. I suspect some would find the proportions of ganache:mousse:cake:biscuit a little hard to bear (i.e. it would be too gerlat after awhile) but it’s okay if you share it.

It’s a pity we didn’t have space for their truffles or their plain chocolate cake. A repeat visit is definitely on the cards!