The Market Grill

My very first step into a Loh Lik Peng establishment! haha. I’m always months… make that years.. late in stepping into any popular restaurant lol.

After reading horror stories about the queues in Esquina, I was half expecting a full house when I stepped into the Market Grill for lunch on a Saturday. Fortunately for us, it was very very empty. Guess no one wants to head to the cbd on a weekend 😉

I had the cod fish which was perfectly cooked. Loved the sear which gave the filet that crusty golden brown exterior. But it was the truffle-infused mustard jus that brought in the umami flavours. Can’t fault the juicy sauteed button mushrooms either.

The burgers looked pretty good too. If you are into the drippy juices-melted cheese- soft bread kinda thing.

There isn’t much technique to the food here besides expert grilling/pan-frying- I don’t deny they do them really well- so I can’t really rave about this place. That said, I really liked that jus. Without the jus the fish will only taste half as good 😛