Tea Party at home

Phew I don’t think life has been this hectic for me in a long time. In a good way of course.

Northern Queensland was so much fun though there were moments when the cousin and I shot “what on earth did we get ourselves into” looks at each other. Kayaking, camping, diving, snorkeling, swimming, trekking, foraging in the forest… we did it all! I also did two overnight stays in Sydney on my own. It was supposed to be a solo journey but I soon found out that I do have quite a number of friends there haha.

Coming back it has been errands and meet-ups back to back. Baked with the OG today and I’m really proud with what we managed to churn out!

1. Homemade Chocolate hazelnut tart with Dreyer’s Ice cream

2. Baguette from Baker & Cook with sauteed oyster mushrooms

3. Puffs from OCK

4. Homemade Salad with sesame dressing

5. Scones with cream and blueberry lemon jam. All homemade.

6. Macarons from ET Artisan

7. Homemade Rainbow Cheesecake

It was a mad day but I’m really happy that so many people turned up. More parties to come!


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