Laurent Bernard @ Portsdown Road

After a very lengthy medical check-up (which hasn’t ended yet thanks to Australia’s strict regulations for diving) we popped by the Portsdown area to check out the cafes there. Was planning on eating at Revolution Coffee but it was so hard to find (Media circle is a barren place haha) that I gave up. Sigh, if only I opened my eyes a little bigger. Spotted their banner later when we were driving out.

So instead we headed to Laurent Bernard. The tea list is decent with quite a number of loose leaf teas available. Got a pot of Earl Grey which went nicely with our dessert.

Our waffle came with a delicious bittersweet chocolate sauce, a mix of softened berries (blackberries, cranberries, and blueberries), and hazelnut ice cream. It’s the crispy, airy, light kind of waffle- the Belgian waffle. Held its shape despite the deluge of wet accompaniments. We loved the chocolate sauce. It wasn’t too sweet but had a distinct, pleasant acidic aftertaste to it that balanced out the flavours. Single origin perhaps? Licked up every bit of it.

Next time i’ll give the souffles a shot. The chocolate one perhaps?

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