Laksania @ JEM

The newest kid in the block, JEM, was packed with peopleย on a weekday night. Queues everywhere, horrors! The girls and I were totally sapped of positive energy because we were hungry and the crowds didn’t help one bit.

Laksania doesn’t have many seats but since it’s ‘hawker-fare’ the food is sent out pretty quickly and people don’t sit around for too long.

It’s quite silly to order the Singapore laksa here- given that there are cheaper and equivalent options in hawker centres- and laksa with fries?? that’s just trying a bit, um, hard. But we love the variety of laksas here. Perfect for a game of ‘compare-and-contrast’ heh.

While I won’t go as far to say that any of the laksas were particularly memorable, everything was decent. If you like things spicey don’t forget to request for chilli. Each laksa has it’s own version.

Strawberry yogurt smoothie which tasted like a liquefied version of Macs strawberry sundae (this is a good thing)

Penang Laksa. Sour due to the tamarind. Appetizing but I don’t think I can manage on my own.

My favourite was the Kelantan Laksa. It’s very reminiscent of our Singapore laksa just less spicey allowing the complex flavours of the broth to shine through.

Sarawak laksa. The girls didn’t like the prawns but we liked the slight spicey and not so creamy broth!

red ruby and chendol. really liked the latter! a good balance of everything and the pandan ‘worms’ were delicious- not artificial and I could smell the pandan ๐Ÿ˜€