Dublin: Queen of Tarts

Eek. This is a waaaay overdue post but I’m posting it anyway because the QoT is such an institution in Dublin. Their scones are awesome. Do give them your vote (click here for details) for Ireland’s best scones!

The Queen of Tarts is a must-go for any traveller! Okay firstly a caveat: I’m not fond of everything there. There are a couple of misses. I abhor their cinnamon macaron- overbaked macaron shells and the worst thing was that the buttercream had a weird flavour to it. Their tarts are honestly not too memorable though okay if you just want to satisfy a craving (e.g. chocolate pear tart and crumbles)… and their presentation does get a little too rustic at times. That said I can confidently give my stamp of approval for their apple cinnamon and blueberry scones. 

I don’t think I’ve tasted anything better to be honest! My favourite was their apple cinnamon scone. It was buttery, crusty, pillowy-inside with pockets of al dente cinnamon-spiced apples. Second in line (only because it was less sweet, I like sweet stuff!) would be their blueberry scone. Perhaps it was because blueberries were in season because mine was studded with the biggest blueberries I had ever seen.

Also tried their plain scone and raspberry scone on separate occasions. Both needed the help of jam but they were still delicious, just not as good as the apple cinnamon or the blueberry scones.

For cakes I tried a couple but the most memorable was their Victorian Sponge. I really like their moist sponge- well-soaked with that delicious syrup of theirs which was not too sweet- and their cream:raspberry jam:cake ratio. Highly recommended if you are looking for something light!

Their decor is vintage- lots of flowers, flowery tea cups and saucers, and witty tin signs hung haphazardly around (a lot like C&C hehe). There are two outlets. Their first outlet at dame street is the more famous one but it is much smaller and very squeezy. I got put off by the houseflies buzzing round the pastries during my first visit aha. I much prefer the bigger, two-storey cafe along cow’s lane which is just a little further down. Both are within the city centre by the way, just opposite Dublin Castle.


One thought on “Dublin: Queen of Tarts

  1. One of the best things to have with a hot cup of coffee or tea is a scone. Cinnamon, apple and raisin are some of my favorite sweet variations, but fresh blueberry scones are at the top of my list.

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